Contao News Facebook Sync

This is a demo showcasing the synchronisation of Contao news entries between the official Contao News Facebook page.

The extension allows you to automatically publish a Contao news article to Facebook. This news entry will also be visible on the linked Facebook page, along with its teaser image.

The synchronisation also works the other way. This Facebook Page post will be synchronised towards the Contao instance, along with its picture.

Posting to Facebook can be enabled for each individual news entry. This news entry for example will not be published on the Facebook page.

News articles can also be scheduled to be posted to the Facebook Page at a later time. When enabling this option, the post will be scheduled either at the news article's date and time or a custom defined date and time.

The back end will give you an overview of which news articles have been posted to Facebook, which articles are scheduled to be posted and which have been fetched from Facebook, denoted by coloured icons.

Headline detection

The extension automatically extracts a headline from the first line of the Facebook Page post, up to a certain length. This length can be configured.

You can also post a custom message to the Facebook page. Otherwise the teaser text will be used automatically.

For Facebook posts containing multiple images, the first image will automatically be used as the teaser image within the Contao news article.

News articles can also be posted as a "photo post", instead of a "link post". With the former, Facebook will show a bigger version of the teaser image, without a link back to the original news article.

Find more information about pricing and licensing on inspiredminds' website and installation and usage instruction in the official Contao manual.